Everybody jumped onto the boat. I  didn’t believe in dragons. His sister did she brought a shield to protect us from dragons. I didn’t think we needed the shield. There we go we are off. We were going to a cave to find crystals. My sister said we might bump into some dragons. I said no way there is going to be any dragons in the cave. Once again i didn’t believe her. Suddenly the boat started rocking and it started going faster and faster! I shouted to my sister hold on to the boat! In a blink of an eye something started shrieking hooo! It jumped out of the water! It was a sea dragon! I regret not listening to my sister. Immediately, I remembered sister! Use you shield! My sister threw the shield and created a shield. That was it, my sister did it but we had to find away to shelter. We sailed to home and was safe. Wasn’t that crazy!











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