Stargrazer Journey – Archie and Ethan

Eddie slipped off the edge of the skyship; gripped the railings and hung on for his life. Jake ,his twin brother, pulled him back up but the weight of Eddie nearly sent him off the edge of it. Luckily, their dad -Jim- pulled them both back up as he was really strong. He was also the captain on 

the ship and made all the decisions, this man was massive with muscles the size of watermelons. 


Eddie, Jake and Jim sat at the front of the skyship, wind flowing through their hair, their pet lion -ziggy- lay asleep on the deck roaring with every breath. His favorite meal was steak, cooked for three minutes, plain medium rare steak. He was there for three reasons: to chop the meat into tiny pieces so they could eat it easier ; to sleep with him to keep them warm and if ghost pirates attacked the ship, lions could see them clearly in plain sight so they could easily fight them o


Without warning, dragons lurched towards the ship, causing it to rock ferociously Jake ducked and covered himself but the petrifing dragons wouldn’t stop attacking. The lion finally got up after his long sleep and roared at the dragons; they started backing off but they didn’t give up yet, the dragons kept battling and battling. Then Captain Jim sent a cannon ball at the master dragon and they all backed off. They finally could sit down and rest after the dragons attacked, Jake saw that the dragons made a little **** in the air balloon so Eddie went up to fix it whilst I held the rope so Jack didn’t fall off. After a long day, we landed the skyship in a field and anchored the ship for the night.

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