Imagine a relaxing flight transporting you to a far away place waiting to greet you with nothing but relaxation. Imagine a dream flight filled with anticipation of your desired destiny. Imagine a flight that was far from this-a flight that you wish you had never experienced.


Ty held his breath as the airship battled through the turbulent storm. If things had gone to plan, they would now have been greeted by their chosen destination but instead they had been forced off course to a place that was unrecognisable.

BANG! The razor sharp claw of a dragon scraped down the porthole of the starship. In that instant Ellie screamed with fright. Struggling for balance, Ty managed to stumble to the control room to steer away from danger. “Guys I could use some help here!” Ty requested with panic. In an instant, the crew rushed to his aid and managed to steer and control the ship.

Within moments, the dragon suddenly disappeared deep into the unknown as the crew prepared for landing. The airship plunged towards the land. They had made it. But were there more dragons lurking?

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