Storm unicorn

Storm unicorn are very rare and legendary  because they have special features that are electric and heeling.

Mostly unicorns can be found in the clouds. However the majority of Storm unicorns can be found in the Tropical Storm Land . Surprisingly there its always hot, sunny with lots of tropical creatures.

Almost all of the unicorns are white and do look like horses. Amazingly the Storm unicorns are aqua blue and invincible. Generally the teeth are sharp and there horns can change shape.

Contrary to popular belief they do  not likes carrots and apples but they like mysterious grass, which amazingly looks like candy floss and also tastes like candy floss.

Almost all unicorns usually like to collect Earth’s core and special lava.

Amazingly most of the people have never seen a unicorn in there life. However only children can see them in there dreams.

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