The Adventure Chronicles

Scarlet reached for the rope and tugged it, her feet nearly slipping off the deck. The rain battered hard against her back, causing her to crawl to the hatch which leads to the cabins. The wind howled around her, making it twice as hard to get there. She undid the bolt and clabbered in, her clothes as wet as if she had just spent hours in the deep, blue sea. The skyship flew faster and soon the bad weather ceased and all was calm, for a minute.


At that moment 3 hungry dragons burst out of the clouds like a dagger cutting through butter. Flames poured out of their mouths engulfing the skyship in flame. 


‘Get out of here!’ the captain yelled turning the skyship to avoid another deadly river of embers. Scarlet, John and Milly climbed onto the deck with their fireproof cloaks and big buckets of water. The rest of the crew were already fending off the dragons with cannons and guns or helping by putting out the fire. Scarlet and Milly ran with their buckets over to the fire while John ran straight to the guns.


Captain Rover made a quick cut into a big cloud, sending a big, damp puff of air into everyone’s lungs. They teared out of the cloud, gasping for air and looking behind for the dragons. Had they lost them?

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  1. I LOVE this it is great but maybe where it says flames poured out of their mouths engulfing the airship in flame you could chose a different word for flame?

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