The adventures of Captain Jake

Fearless Captain Jake is clinging to the steering wheel, trying to keep the sky ship steady and on-course towards The Farlands. The torrential rain streams down the large portholes, making it difficult for him to see where he is going. The gale force winds are making the ship jolt from one side to the other. The onboard chef, Carl, is cowering in the corner with his hands over his eyes, while the soup he was mixing is sloshing around and spilling out of a large pot, covering the floor.

Out of nowhere, three iridescent Storm Dragons come soaring at the sky ship, causing Captain Jake to take a sharp turn to the right to avoid being hit. The dragons are now circling the sky ship and their circle is getting tighter and tighter. Without warning, one of them shoots towards the ship and takes out one of the engines with it’s tail!

A loud bang is followed by plumes of dark grey smoke swirling past the wet windows. The ship is out of control and plummeting towards the ever-nearing ground.


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