The air-ship



There was a child called Peter he got stole 3 years ago and got took to an air-ship called

 Brightstorm.  as we speak Brightstorm is getting attacked by 30 Dragons, Peter hid behind a wooden crate and he found a sheet and put it on top of him just in time before the dragons came But…When the Dragons got here the Dragon said to another Dragon ‘smell something tasty’. the Dragon followed the tasty smell and he found a…Decoy the Dragon said ‘we lost him’.Peter ran because he heard the Dragons talking about him the Dragons give up the boy was ok but his home wassent ok it was destroyed.


The owner of the air-ship wassent ok his home was broke all of the air was gone out of the ship it was turning and turning and turning until it hit the earth’s floor it skidded across the floor  in the mud it was squelchy it slowed down and down and down until it stopped.

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