The airship journey

Foxy pushed his paws on the icy crystal clear window and glared out. The pearly silver airship was still in pursuit. Foxy started panicking frantically from the noise of the deafening noise of the propellers.

Foxy turned towards his master, Billy stared back as panic rushed through him. His ship Firefly may be the fastest but the pearly silver airship was covered in lots of tough weapons.

Billy heard a loud noise as a harpoon crashed into Firefly. Crash bang, a second harpoon stabbed the stem. The Firefly started to fill with burning gas, Foxy let out a loud yelp as the pearly silver airship pulled them in.

Billy commanded Foxy to go into the escape pod. He fixed a pouch around Foxy’s neck and told him to “head to Poole, give this to Emily and say i love her.”

One Response to “The airship journey”

  1. Lovely descriptions Jessica, what inspired the name of your characters? Remember to always use a capital letter for ‘I’ on its own!

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