The Attack On The Airship

Sheldon and Penny were on the old sky ship escaping from… SKY GOBLINS! They eventually hid in a giant, grey thunder cloud, Sheldon and Penny both thought they were safe, but they were wrong. The electricity in the thunder cloud was transforming into an crackling, electrical lion, which jumped viciously on board the air ship, scraping the floor loudly as it was moving towards them.

The transparent, shimmering electrical lion was slowly walking towards Sheldon and Penny, luckily Sheldon had the special laser pen! He tried distracting the lion, but it was no use. Even when Penny stabbed the lion with  the disappearing mouse, which is an ancient knife that when you stab something with it, that thing disappears, it still emerged, again and again. Eventually Sheldon shouted “I’ve found something!” Penny rushed and saw that it was a steel box which said “Bob’s exploding x100 TNT.” Penny threw it at the pouncing lion, and it exploded with a loud ban.

They were both hopping with joy that they were safe now, or were they? The ancient Airship went quiet, all they heard was clanking from the storage room. “Does that sound like?” Penny said. “Yep, the destroyer robot.” Sheldon said, annoyed. They eventually saw it emerging from the storage room, puffing out deep, black steam. It turned out that electricity from the cyan, electrical lion powered the destroyer robot. They were now looking for water in the giant Airship, hoping it would destroy the robot. Eventually Sheldon found the shining, blue water and threw it at the robot. Amazingly the robot sparked and fell down with a loud bang.

Sheldon and Penny were now even more joyful,  that they had destroyed two monsters on the Airship. The Airship was finally safe.

By Ben

2 Responses to “The Attack On The Airship”

  1. Fantastic story Ben. You had my attention with the first sentence. I look forward to reading about the rest of their adventure.

  2. This story kept me happy! I loved all of the thought that you put into this, I hoe to hear the rest, Well done, I don’t need to give you any improvements! AMAZING!

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