The Black Plague

Have you ever gone on holiday? To a warm sunny climate with a luxurious hotel? You have? Ok, how about a winter wonderland with whirling blizzards and igloos? With snowmen and angels and snowball fights and dens? Yes? Well, this is less of a holiday, and more of a dangerous exploration to the marshy swamps of the great matric river located deep in the heart of the cubed plains, in Moncravia.


As the other participants of the black plague boarded, Owen hung back and stared at the skyship, knowing that something was lurking up there, awaiting discovery. His younger sister, April, was excited to finally be flying high in the sky for hours upon end with the roaring wind blowing straight into her smooth, rosy and chilly face. The only downside to this experience though, was that there were dark, black clouds filling the air, blocking out the only source of light, the moon. That’s right, they were camouflaged in military clothing on a mostly black ship with tints of bright, limy yellow as a strip on the lower left and right side of the ship’s bow, the tailfin, and the small pectoral fins for gliding. A rough ride was clearly their  next challenge to face.


Captain Oschó slowly arose the black plague and yelled, ‘risin’ ‘er up, ‘old tight!’ Obediently, the two children gripped the poles fiercely, as the captain full – throttled the threatening engines. It was mid flight that they had to face a storm cloud in their way, but, It was in those seconds that Owen realised. He realised what had been awaiting their arrival all these hours, The Matric Guardian…            … They had found it. Cube shaped and dangerous, floating strongly in the air with his electrified trident. It was simple. Take out the trident, take out the guardian. Although the difficulty proved to be the greater challenge. His breath was a lightning storm. Even Captain Oschó was fighting for control over the ship with this beast around. Sadly though, sacrifices must be made and so now the two crew members, Captain Oschó and April had to say goodbye to Owen once and for all as he sacrificed his own life for the survival of theirs, and luckily, his life ended with victory. The trident and guardian were no more. And so with that, they landed, yet to discover what was next to come…


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