The Dragon’s Den

The Airship’s name was the Stargazer and it started its long journey at an Airship launch station, situated in the landmark ‘Star Den’. On board, there was the crew, the captain (who was called Dave), Tim and Sally- they were the twins of the ship. Their mission was to head to the Dragon’s Den, to recon the area, for potential threats.


Tim and Sally hugged each other, as the skyship took a hard right- it was to escape a high pressure point. Tim shrieked as a barrel slid past them both, Sally on the other hand, rushed to grab the side bars on the left. Abruptly, the airship came to a stop, throwing the crew on the wooden planks of the deck- nobody was hurt. Out of the blue, multiple shadowy figures were spotted in the distance (which looked like they were coming their way) Everybody knew exactly what they were.


The captain screamed, “Incoming, man the guns!” and everybody rushed to their stations. Suddenly, three dragons came out of the clouds and snapped down, breaking pieces off the ship. Tim and Sally knew they were in trouble. Fire rained down from above like an inferno catching trees on fire- it was coming from all of the pale, green, sky dragons. The twins worked as engineers, so they had to keep a close eye on what was being damaged- on top of that, they had to dodge dragon breath! Like a warzone, guns were blazing in every direction, trying to stop the fierce agile creatures as they caused chaos, among the crew members. Suddenly, there was a great bursting sound. It was the balloon that was keeping the ship in the air!


The Airship started to lose altitude, as it plummeted downwards to perform a crash landing. Unsurprisingly, as the dragons were destined for a meal, they still came after the speeding ship.

The crew prepared for impact, as the captain ordered, “Brace, brace, brace!” The ship hit the ground, knocking dirt and trees up into the air. The crash site was suddenly, eerily silent…

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