The Electro Unicorn by Jacob

Electro Unicorns are very rare, they can jump very high and can often turn invisible so that it can remain a mystery.

The Electro Unicorn is interestingly found with an amazing fire tattoo, spotty hooves with a spy camera on them and dragon wings. If it sees prey it will strike it with the fire tattoo.

The Electro Unicorn is often found on a cloud, unfortunately they are usually only seen if you are in a plane high up in the sky. Many people believe that the Electro Unicorn is found only on clouds with a yellow lightning strike.

Electro Unicorns always eat magical beads, these beads are very small so only the Electro Unicorn can see them. It is thought that the magical beads are found by the river on cloud street and surprisingly some of the beads are filled with electrical powers.

The Electro Unicorn is very special and hard to find, if you are lucky enough to get close to it on cloud street beware of its stripy nose because one touch of the nose and you will turn into an Electro Unicorn.

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