The Element Unicorn by Jessy-H

Element unicorns are a rare species that have the four elements represented by different parts of their bodies. Their tails are made of an eternal waterfall, representing water. They have a transparent horn which represents air.  Their bodies are made of volcanic magma, representing fire.  And finally, representing the earth, their skeletons are made of the strongest granite rock.

The powers of the waterfall tail are endless but the most important one is that they can use it to put out fires instantly, saving lives. Just last week, one of these unicorns was spotted putting out an enormous bushfire that was only meters away from the edge of Cambria in California, where over 25,000 people live.

The transparent horn is the source of the unicorn’s power and can control the elements. To do this, the unicorn must swish their tail and then firmly stomp down the hoof that is assigned with the element that the unicorn desires to control (front left is fire, front right is water, back left is air and back right is earth). To stop the changes, it just needs to swish its tail again.  During the recent drought in Kenya, that put thousands of lives at risk, an element unicorn was seen stamping it’s front right hoof whilst swishing its tail.  These actions resulted in a tropical downpour which instantly refreshed the crops and provided clean drinking water.

The magma that their bodies are made of erupts when the unicorn is angry as a form of defence. It also keeps them warm during the winter as it is hot lava on the inside and cool rock on the outside. 9 days ago, there was a report where one of these unicorns was spotted using this defence to fight off a lion in Africa. These unicorns very rarely get angry enough for this feature to be used, but when it happens, the unicorns squirts up to 2L of lava out of its body.

The unicorns’ bones are made of the strongest type of granite so that they don’t break when the unicorn is fighting with other creatures such as tigers or bears. Studies show that these bones makes them 75% more likely to win. This particular species of unicorn has the strongest bones whereas the sky unicorn has the weakest. There was an article in The New York Times stating that an element unicorn and a black panther were fighting however, by the end, the unicorn wasn’t injured.

As these are such rare and powerful creatures, if you see one, make sure to leave it alone and definitely do not touch it as they are very skittish animals and they will think that you are attacking them. Instead, keep your distance, make no noise and just enjoy watching them.

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