The Farm unicorn

The farm unicorn

The farm dragon is a super rare species of dragon. They were discovered in 1975 by a local Cornish farmer named Bill Smith. Bill stated ‘One day i was putting seeds down on my land when i saw something that was huge in the distance . I went up closer and saw it has wings and a horn.’ Bill wanted to keep this a secret as he said ‘it was so sweet and it helped me.’ so , he trained it to help him with  his farming. A few weeks later the unicorn apparently went out to round up the sheep and came back with a male unicorn. Later , Bill trained the male and they had a baby until Bill started selling  them and everyone had there hands on one.

Could you recognise a Farm unicorn if you saw one?These magical creatures have a light green tail with ivy wrapped around it. There horn is gold and has daisy on a leaf chain looping around it , its wings are just the right size with streaks of gold in. Finally , its fur is chestnut brown.

The personality of all Farm unicorns are very good . They are kind , help on the farm  , layed  back and they are very clever . For fun when they are not working on the farm they like to play in the water and go on a walk or fly.

These unicorns usually eat eggs , leafs , grass , grapes , tomatoes , carrots and they drink , water , lemonade , juice and milk. As most of these things grow on the farm don’t be alarmed they will not eat your crops or attack you cows or chickens. Also, if your crops are not growing no need to fear the unicorns magic can make them grow.

Finally if you would like to learn more or adopt a unicorn go to .

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