The Flame Unicorn

The Flame Unicorns live on the outskirts of Africa where all of the remainings of Flame Unicorns live. They have been in hiding since the population dropped rapidly because of the UnicornSlayers. The flame Unicorns can cause a mass of destruction but never on purpose. They have burning flames for their mane and depending on the colour of the fire is how rare they are. However, the purple manes are the rarest but they are almost extinct and vanished from the earth. The unicorn agency has been hunting for years and years on end but there has been no sightings of any Flame Unicorns. Due to this the most common may now be a little bit rare. They live in East Africa and normally rest in the depths of volcanos where no predators cant reach them. They are known for their burning manes and their midnight black hooves. If you want to keep these magnificent creatures walking on our Earth all you need to do is stop hunting them. If you come into contact with them then don’t bother them just act as if they aren’t there. If we all do this they can come out of hiding and live in peace and we will become more fond of them.

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