The Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider – Aiden H EPPSA

Usually, Scarlet enjoyed travelling in the air, but today was not that day. Scarlet was biting her lip whilst she looked up at her brother Josh, who hung off the ship’s ropes, and he was as happy as ever, laughing and smiling. They had left their home town of Queen’s Lynn about three weeks ago. They should have reached their destination by now, but they got knocked off course by a violent storm.

At that moment, some Devil Owls, who were the most dangerous and terrifying creatures in the sky, forcefully bashed against the sky ship, causing it to rock from side-to-side. Josh saw five of them come out of a black and red, storm cloud and dark matter was being spat out of the owls’ mouths towards the Ghost Rider. Scarlet was freaking out and struggled to regain control of the unmanageable ship. Tilt after tilt, the owls disappeared and everyone went silent. Scarlet’s hands slipped off the wheel, causing the ship to tilt and quickly tumble down towards the land below.

“Get ready to land!” Scarlet yelled.

A second later, the ship dipped down into the very deep sky and moved very fast past the clouds. Then, Josh found a random lever which he decided to pull. All of a sudden, the sky ship was floating in the mid-air and they softly descended to solid ground. They had managed to escape the Devil Owls.

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