The lunar Pegasus-By Alice,TJS-H

The Lunar Pegasus, is a equestrian first sighted in 1976, since there has been  two other occasions of a reported sighting. The second time in 1984 the third in 1999. Known for its pearly white skin and golden main (and eyes) though this is not the most unnatural feature of it. You see, this creature eats the moon, creating the moon cycle, this theory was formed after the second sighting of the lunar Pegasus as the first sighting was thought to be a hallucination by afforaties “As at the the time” A Government representative said-“It was common for frauds to claim these sort of things, some of which, where primarily truthful.”

Furthermore, once the second report came (from an anonymous source) the government decided to finally look for proof of this mystical equestrian’s existence. In 1999 the Government confirmed (after a agent sighted the Pegasus nibbling at  a crater in 1997) that the Lunar pegasus was indeed, real.

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