The magical sky ship

“I can see something in the cold grey mist.” Said Jack. Emma and Jack wanted to go on an adventure on a sky ship for so long now and today was the day. Emma had a blue backpack with a magical wand to grant any wish they want. Jack had a green backpack with magestic glasses that could see through anything. They could tell that a storm was coming their way. Jack is very daring and Emma is quite nervous of thing. They had no clue what will happen next

They were about to go through a grey black cloud. They were oblivious that there was a red scarlet dragon in the cloud. As they were flying through the cloud Jack saw the dragon with his magectic glasses and said “duck there is a dragon.” The dragon was going strate towards the balloon! The dragon got his claws out and popped the ballon. They had no clue where they were going to land.

luckly , they could steer so they landed on this magical jungle with sloths hanging, lions eating, parrots sitting on branches and so much more. They had no clue what to do but they knew they had to do something.But Emma was curled up in a ball crying and Jack was surching for food and water to survive.

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