The Maverick

You’ve probably been to observe the alluring Panorama, to watch the thoughtless winds. Remember how the clouds poise above you, when you took perspective in every part of your surroundings. I bet you’ve enjoyed passing the neighbouring cliffs and mountains with beautiful scenery while you lean over the rumbling ships engines curious as anything.


But you should also try going when the darkness appears with enraged gales, causing the ship to convulse to and fro. Gasping for the remaining air, you’d have to depend on the weakening power you have. The recent storms have been named dangerous because it awakens the  underground flying moles that can chomp  their way in the engine of the ship.


And some say they’ve seen evil sky witches, cackling as they shoot past the Maverick, faster than a bullet. You probably won’t believe this, but some say they have even seen dragons! They wear armour -a sea of electric-blue scales wrestling against the powerful gusts of air. Feast  after feast, they dare another to threaten war to its prey. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll snack on you!




“Duck!”the captain shouted, as legendary leathery wings soared atop the sky ship. Nathan sprinted over to Nicole , his sister who was biting her lip in dizziness.”It’s okay, it’s going to be okay, don’t worry,”Nathan reassured her whilst heading over the fringe of the ships rumbling engines.

“It’s not Nathan, it’s not, please I don’t want to lose you as well as mother and father,”she sighed.

“It’s going to be okay,”he held out his hand in longing that it would be taken. They had been on the ship for more than two months, fighting all of these storms, lost in the black skies in hope they would eventually reach their destination. She took Nathan’s hand as they walked up to Captain Blaire, steering the ship.


All of a sudden, out of the mist, came a huge, fire-breathing dragon! Its frail veiny skin made a black, death shadow atop the sky ship. Its cobalt eyes peered round the deck and bashed its yellow, razor teeth of screws into the quarters of Captain Blaire, whose hands came out into fists. His eyes widened and glared into the dragon’s. The captain then took charge and hold of the wheel.


A couple of minutes later, the Maverick started to descend quicker and quicker, leaving a trail of black smoke behind it. Nicole nudged Nathan, pointed to a deep hole in the bottom of the sky ship, and screamed as loud as she could to alert the captain of the damage. ************** Maverick came to a stop.

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