The ominous blizzard dragon

It was one sunny evening while Marie was steering the ancient wooden airship floating in the mid-air sky. Marie’s father was in the crooked cabins making a diary for future humans to find this strange ship. suddenly, the airship was shaking like a worried Guinea pig shuddering in the distance.

maries father dashed to every worried pupil to find Marie.tommy(who was Marie’s brother) was shuttering his teeth together like a lama spitting at his prey.and then at that moment a blizzard dragon flew right in front of Tommy making Tommy prey.who could save him now.tommy saw the dragons blood shot eyes staring at him and he saw the dragons salty and slimy ancient teeth.marie ran to get the largest, bloodiest sharp diamond sword she could find. With bravery, she sprinted and

stabbed the dragons slimy neck. It was defeated,tommy was safe ,her dad was safe and most importantly her friends she saved them all.



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  1. I liked the descriptive writing and how you explained the characteers feelings even the smallest details.

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