The Rainbow Alicorn by Cole

The Rainbow Alicorn 



The Rainbow Alicorn is rarely spotted as it lives up high in the clouds, flying alongside it’s friends. Sometimes in the summer, the Rainbow Alicorn lives atop Mount Everest, do to its spring water, which the Rainbow Alicorn loves. However in the winter, the Rainbow Alicorn, prefers, green, woodland areas or fields and meadows.



The Rainbow Alicorn, lives of a strict diet, of sweets and chocolate. It’s favourites are celebrations, snickers, lollipops and gummy snakes. However if you are planning to visit and tame the Rainbow Alicorn, do NOT feed it vegetables, especially broccoli, if you do, the creature will go berserk in a fit of rage and attack anyone in sight! On a rare occasion, during the winter, the Rainbow Alicorn my gobble up some pancakes and waffles covered in chocolate.



When approaching this creature bring a shield, they may same like loveable and cuddly but they do tend to attack humans, if threatened. This is due to them being hunted and poorly treated by humans in the past. If you would like to visit Rainbow Alicorn, do so at your own risk.


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