The rainbow Unicorn by Cameron SWW Home

The rainbow unicorn, the rainbow unicorn has many features and one of them is that it can poo out rainbow sprinkled birthday cake and if it wants candles on top! This strange method helps the unicorn make new friends my giving all the kids cake!

The rainbow unicorn lives in Africa with the hot weather and it hibernates in the clouds. The spotting of a rainbow unicorn are low but if you do spot one don’t be shy, they are very friendly and like to be rode on. You can easily tame one to be your pet but it also depends on where you live.

The diet of a rainbow unicorn isn’t very hard to guess. It mainly steals peoples birthday cakes to eat then poo’s out one for them again! It also eats rainbow dust and drinks lucky lagoon water.

One Response to “The rainbow Unicorn by Cameron SWW Home”

  1. Charlotte TA SWW February 11, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    Lovely work Cameron, I always enjoy your humour! Who wouldn’t want a unicorn that ***** rainbow cake :D? I feel we’re missing a word in your first sentence before ‘and if it want candles on top’ like ‘and it can light the candles with its horn.’
    Can’t wait to see more of your writing!

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