The Rebellion

The Rebellion




You’ve probably been on an air ship when there are clear blue skies and a slight breeze in the air. Remember how it feels to have the hot sun melting away the pressures of every day life? I bet you’ve enjoyed the golden sunsets at dusk and the view of the houses and the high peak mountains.


But you should also try a trip in winter time when there are icy, biting winds and the rumbling thunder and the bright lightning light up the skies. This is a real sight to see!


And some say they’ve seen beady-eyed goblins scouting out the ship, looking out for their next meal! Flying around like a ravenous beast and taking in their surroundings.


Ty gripped onto the side of the railing. “Help Help!” Ty shouted out loud. The ship was engulfed by clouds so that Ty couldn’t see anything. Kyle (Ty’s brother) giggled at Ty. “Help!” Ty exclaimed.

“Ha Ha!” Kyle mocked.

“It’s not funny!”Ty shouted at Kyle in panic.

“We would be passing Valentine by now but you have to be over the edge. Get up here!”


“Lookout! Beady eyed goblins!”

“Fight!” Harry said fiercely.

The crew were shocked. “Get a bow!” Harry shouted. They grabbed the weapons and immediately shot at the goblins. “One down!”Harry said intimidatingly as an enormous blue, hairy body slammed onto the deck. And the lightning and thunder didn’t help.

“What was that?” Ty said while shaking non-stop. The goblins burst the balloon. “We need to go down!” The captain boomed out loud.


“We are descending fast – flight gear ready. Prepare for landing! Hold on! The ship is swerving all over the place.” The Captain exclaimed. BANG! The ship landed abruptly. Kyle looked for any goblins. There were none.

“Are we going to be ok?” Ty trembled, his whole body shaking.



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