The Sky Buccaneer

The Sky Buccaneer

You’ve probabaly been on a airship when the breeze tickles your hair.

Remember how  the sun bounced off of the airship’s balloon making rainbow patterns across the sky. I bet you’ve enjoyed flights across Torbay, amazing adventures to see loved ones and we all know that you could eat it for days and not get bored of the food.


But you should also try a trip in the winter time. It is not so great when the lightning is flashing, and  the thunder is clapping. The rain drops as sharp as a shark’s teeth tearing through the silky fabric of the balloon. The ship will fall as fast as flash tornadoes making you spin and spin and spin each time faster and faster.

And some say they’ve seen fire dragons just waiting to burn down the ship. You probably don’t believe this but some say when they attack the ship, the ashes rain down on the land below and it falls with no one on it.Nothing but blood.




Chris clenched his hands on the mast’s rough ropes, blisters stinging as he hung on for dear life. He gulped as he looked at Ash. His little brother seemed to be enjoying the rocky flight. They were blown off course, they were going to be late. The horrendous whether snow rain the fire dragons came out of no were there was three of them all with spikes horns captain nick started to turn away from them. The engine started to stop but it came back on the fire dragons went away from the flying buccaneer. As they went away thunder started grumbling around them they dept going but they could not see because they couldn’t see because the clouds were in the way captain nick barked out orders hold tight prepare to land a little bit of the airship was broke from the storm. They survived the dragons.

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