The Sky Grazer






The Sky Grazer


You’ve probably been on a sky ship when rays of blazing heat cover you. The views of mountains, forests and lakes pass gently underneath you. Remember the breeze brushing the sails? I bet you would love to go abroad and discover new places. Remember the glorious sunsets beaming down the horizon.


But you should also try a trip where the ship trembles, whilst thunder bolts invade. When the wind’s so strong you have to grasp the ropes as it tears the sails from their masts. That’s when a sky ship is not a lot of fun.


Some say they have seen sky dragons lurking around the dark skies forming bolts to hit the skip. You probably won’t believe this, but some say they have seen flying beasts with sword-like talons which can slice through the strongest of balloons. That’s why we have metre thick dragon skin balloons.


Ben’s hands were sweating as he grasped the rope at the end of the ship. The ship was staggering around; it was almost out of fuel. Saylor stared at Ben in disgust – he was always a worry-bug. She knew nothing bad could happen. The only reason they were on this air ship was because Saylor wanted to prove dragons weren’t real, but his annoying brother Ben had to come. He wanted to see a dragon!


So far, nothing bad had happened. Ben wanted to turn back, but then something touched the balloon. It was a dragon. The dragon hit the propeller: the ship was going down. His evil, red eyes were getting super close to Ben, who ran screaming. The dragon cast a gloomy shadow of grey on the deck. Thunder hit the air. Ben and Saylor ran to the captains cabin immediately a dragon hit the balloon with a loud “POP!” They we’re going down.


One second later, everyone, including old Joe, had pushed the dragon off deck. The ship was now below the clouds and the crew braced for impact. They hit the ground with a loud “THUD!”

“W…where are we?” Ben stuttered, as the largest spider he had ever seen ran across the deck.












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