The Sky Pirates

The sky  pirates  flew across the sea to find a treasure chest underneath it. They went to have a look but  they  got sucked in  the chest to find billions of treasure and gold!  They were delighted to see how much they could get from this  gold and massive golden statues of  boats and  a humongous block of the worlds strongest gold.  But then when they looked behind them they saw a bag that could   suck all the gold in and they could take it with them so they decided to do that  “~ 1 hour later ~”  they  managed to carry all of it to the ship and the  women screamed with glee. They took the gold and   gave it to the men and they took it to the leader to see if its real or not and the machine said it was real  then the king shouted “ REAL!? REAL!!??? OH MY GOSH  WE HAVE REAL GOLD FINALLY I CAN MAKE A BRAND NEW MACHINE !!!!! “ The men were quiet because they were jealous of the king.  But… was there any reason to be jealous??  Pick your answer  

1: does have  a reason and they are jealous about the king with the gold  or 

  2: they are not jealous of the king because they can go and find their own 

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  1. I really love your introduction to Sky Pirates!

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