The Sky ship

Oliver cut the rope then rushed to the steering wheel. Oliver’s younger sister Naomi 

liked heights and she was looking forward to flying in the sky ship. Nell their dog came too. Nell wagged her tail as she was looking forward to the trip. The sky ship soared through the air and took off with ease. 

The flight had been a pleasure so far but suddenly in the distance they saw a large shadowy fiery object coming towards them. Nell barked with fright. Oliver realised it was a phoenix he started to panic. Naomi gulped with fear. The phoenix got closer and closer and kept on breathing fire at them. Oliver kept on dodging the fire. 

Naomi had a plan. She grabbed the steering wheel off her brother and went through a cloud. The phoenix lost sight of them so it flew away. 

Naomi let her brother steer again and Oliver landed the sky ship in the nearby field.

Now all they had to do was get back home. 

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