the sky ship

Tom gript the hammocks stand, his feet acing as the ship tilted. The sky was about to have them for dinner when the captain won the battle, steering to safety  the captain spoke ,”fellow crewmates we have spotted  a  dragon in the distance, remain calm we shall be attacking, when necessary…”


Moments later, a mementoes thud drove the ship backwards, Tom and Sam had to get back to the main land. They snuck out of the children’s room, [research HQ] then they sprinted to the cockpit to activate emergency pod sequence …


In the corner of his eye , a scale glinted, but he hadn’t heard the harpoons and the SSP [sky security police ] shouting …  he saw a yellow beady eye the size of a football opening…”DUCK!” exclaimed Sam trying to keep out of the dragon’s sight. Immediately, Sam felt a gigantic shadow towering over him as a crackling flame shot out the dragon’s mouth it was attempting to  intimidate them, with the fate of his family and friends depending on them, the brothers worked together to defeat the mighty beast …


Tom did the distraction while Sam pressed the evacuation alarm. The 2 boys sprinted down the 3 layers of stairs to the garage where 40 evacuation pods were stored. Each pod held a life time of needs such as a kitchen , a room, a cockpit ,a toilet  and last but not least a lounge. Tom and Sam dashed through the door to the garage looking for the pod reserved for them, they finally found their parents outside their pod , the doors opened and they got in .Seconds later, the exit doors for the pods opened and they had left.


Had they made it out alive?



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