The sky ship holiday

Whilst the weather was angry with rain and lightning , Jessy and James(which were twins and hated each other) were on their fathers sky ship and were going on a holiday with their father and mother.

When they were going they had low fuel so they went to a gas station. Eventually they had a very big problem .The problem was that they had to go through Dragon land were all the dragons live. So they tried to go through dragon land quietly.

In a split second all the dragons woke up, Jessy’s mother said” go now.” And they sped up. The dragons started to get faster. Faster. To fast. And in a split second the sky ship was going down. They all panicked!!!

When they were panicking James thought about the escape pod and he told his parents about the escape pod.

So they used the escape and flew to beach safely. But James had a curiosity how are they going to get back safely. The dragons left them alone or did they!!!

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