The sky ship story.

Out of nowhere there was lazer lightning shooting down from the clouds,” who’s it trying to kill ? me? Addison mumbled , she was clinging on the bar as her life depended on it …

But at that moment the lightning nearly hit the ship “ Help ,Help !” there  was lots of  glass on the floor and  another shoot came .Addison ran to the controller panel trying to doge all the shards scattered over the floor .

But sometime later ,by Addisons surprise, the lightning hit the sky ship,”Help Help,!” she shouted . Windows shattering at the side of her eye BANG BANG BANG!!!
The lightning made a massive hole in the sail causing a fire . Addison was freaking out she dident  know what to do ,there was no one there to save her but then… she lost control of the panel “ Help I’m falling !” , Addison shouted,no I’m heading to earth CRASH CRASH SMASH.

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  1. Fabulous! I love your sentence openers.

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