The Skyship Story Starter


An old satin cloak has sat in the attic for 50 years now. Undiscovered in a torn cardboard box. Underneath the cloak there was a small black box…

Stella climbed up the spiral stairs into the attic. She was playing hide and seek with her brother John and was looking for a good place to hide. When she got in the attic then she saw three big boxes good enough to hide in. The best looking one sat in a far corner “That one.” she said to herself and clambered over to it. When she got there then she peered inside, it had an old cloak inside it “Perfect!” she whispered and wrapped it around herself and clambered inside the box.

She noticed that under the cloak there was a small little black box, she opened it and she found a silver necklace with a little funny sand timer on it. She put it on and waited for her brother to come.


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