The snow storm dragon.

The snow unicorn is a rare specie usually known only to the imagination of young kids.  However we have recently seen some live footage of these unknown creatures on hidden cameras for a show called blue planet that hides cameras to get footage of some rare animals in Antarctica. The cameras show the animals playing with the bears and penguins.  The workers who watch the cameras say it was the first time they ever saw these creatures in real life and not just in a fairy tale. The crew members are trying to find out more about these rare creatures and how their life style is for them, the crew have been watching them for hours and hours and are learning more and more about them like how their diet is Chocolate covered marshmallow and cotton candy. The creatures have a horn as sharp as the shard in London, they have fluffy chalk white skin that after a while snow falls off without leaving a trace.

The so called “unicorns” have wings that come out of their waists and they can suddenly start flying as high as they can wish. The wings have lovely eye catching silver glitter on the tips of the wing shaped like snow flaks. The unicorn is being identified as the snow storm unicorn, the creature is so magical that when its hooves go into the snow and go out it looks like nothing has been there, this means that these animals could have been here for years but because they don’t leave a trace we wouldn’t know where they could be.  What is more confusing is that one day we had no idea these animals actually existed and then the next they are here real and making history, this could mean they could teleport like night crawler in agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and X-men.


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