The Spiral Skyship

The Comfort You’ve probably been on a sky ship with the gentle breeze flowing through your hair and helping the sky ship  flow along.

Remember how you looked down and saw the deep blue ocean and the magical fish jumping from wave to wav

I bet you’ve enjoyed going on adventures, seeing family and friends and having a relaxing time.


But you should also try a trip through the rain and windy weather, the wind  pushing the Skyship backwards and forwards and side to  side

The thunder crashing around you, rain as sharp as shark’s teeth and the wind howling like werewolf above you.

And some say they’ve seen the blue and red fierce dragon,  it’s eyes red like blood. The scales like a lizards back . You probably won’t believe this but some say that the flying beast whose claws  can tear apart even the toughest dragon -skin balloon.



Maci gripped on tightly to a metal bar, her knuckles turning white. she fell as the skyship moved violently from side to side. Maci’s sister Ella Was screaming, but not a bad scream, it sounded like she was enjoying herself.  They both looked down  and realised they were lost.  They had left the town a week ago  and should arrived at there destination.


At that moment, the sky dragons struck. Maci saw three fierce dragons roar out of the dark clouds. Ella turned the steering wheel quickly, a frightened look on her face. The ship slowly pulled away from the beasts, but they caught up, gripping the balloon on top of the ship with their maleficent  horns, which protruded , spiky from their heads. A storm raged around them, with rain pouring onto the deck. Ella looked across at Maci. “We’re going to have to try to land thing!” she cried.


Seconds later, the Comfort sank below the clouds as the girls tried bravely to keep it under control. They floated towards the Earth, lashed by the storm. Ella and Maci looked up, searching for the dragons, but they were nowhere to be seen.



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