The Stargrazer

The Stargrazer

Alex and Tilly were beyond exited to board the new and improved Stargrazer 2000. They could travel above and beyond where no human had even dreamed about travelling to. Tilly had always loved to go on adventures, but she couldn’t say the same for her brother, Alex. Now Alex had never been a big fan of adventures, yet he just couldn’t resist being the first boy to fly on this magnificent sky-ship. They bid farewell to their parents and clambered onto the sky-ship; little did they know it would be the last time they would see them again, it was waiting.

Soaring through the cotton candy-like clouds and gliding swiftly in-between the flame like sunset sky and picturesque landscapes of the countryside, Alex was so focused on this magnificent view, that he had no idea there was a flock of brain snatchers (a group of cute yet deadly creatures that had the ability to absorb your soul if you make eye contact). Tilly, who was controlling the only source of a getaway, must have been so stressed about the man-eating creatures that she appeared to be paralysed. It was all up to Alex now, it was a matter of life and death; which should he choose?

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