The Thunder storm

Maddy held the railings, her knuckles whitening. She closed her eyes as the clouds were moving in the sky. She looked at her cousin Ava who seemed to be enjoying the airship. They left the city because there was a big thunder storm and it knocked down there house. A few minutes later Maddy went over to Ava and said “How long are we gonna be here for?” She asked. Ava replied back “About a week.” “Why?” “Because I dont like it here it is scary and it feels weird,” said Maddy. “Ohh dont worry we are gonna be just fine,” said Ava.

Later that night, Maddy woke up and heard the airship move about. “Whats going on?” she asked. “There is a big thunder storm heading our way!” The captain yelled. Maddy woke up Ava in distress. She was so scared that they were gonna die. Ava wakes up and looks out of the window. She thought it wouldn’t come there way but it did. The airship span around in circles. The captain moved onto one side. Everyone gathered food and blankets. The captain was moving the airship to a different city. Then after a few minutes the thunder storm stopped.

The next day, they made it to Dubai and looked at the baby dragons that were lying in there beds. The dragons woke up and ran straight to Ava and Maddy everyone was so happy they were back. Everyone had a big feast with Ava and Maddy.

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