The Victorious

The Victorious




You have probably been on an airship to some place afar where you lie on warm sand relaxing in the sun,visiting relatives from all over the world.


I am sure you have enjoyed many peaceful journeys in an airship with no shakes or bumps to rattle your bones on the journey, just a smooth ride having fun on deck with your family and friends.


But you haven’t been on an airship when the crisp air takes control and the ship lurches from side to side, going off course every time a brutal gasp of wind hits you.


Have you ever been on an airship where at every turn there is danger ahead, dragons everywhere attacking from all angles pushing you to the limit of survival?


Chapter 1


Faye cautiously moved her shaking hand to her side, cold sweat was slowly dripping off her pale,tense face. She dared not breathe; she stood as still as rock, her alert face pressed against the airships freezing blood splattered wall. 


Faye stood with her twin brother Billy with nothing to do but wait in deathly silence for the fierce dragons to discover them. Faye was terrified but Billy seemed to want to see what was going on below and fight the barbaric creatures but Faye held him back. 


Unfortunately, Captain Arnold was failing to turn the skyship around to safety. Sadly, most of the crew were already dead and those that remain fear they will be next.


The only way to survive the intense reign of terror from this dragon attack is to land the ship wherever they are able but the dragons have destroyed the landing gear. So Captain Arnold is trying the only option left to him: crash land the ship in the middle of nowhere where no one would find them, not even the dragons. Hesitantly Captain Arnold jolts the ship downward ‘Brace yourself.’ he shouts fearfully.


Faye screamed, but Billy, trying to calm her, said in a hushed voice ‘We will be OK, don’t worry.’  A second later they were hurtling downwards at a frightening speed, suddenly everything blackened into nothing… they hit the ground. Where were they? Had they eluded the danger of the dragons?


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