The weather unicorn By Zac

The weather unicorn is one of the rarest unicorns in the world. In the universe theres only 200 two are the sun and moon the other 198 are in every country because there’s only 198 countries in the world.

And are rarely seen most places you will find it in gardens eating or in the clouds. If your in a Small country its way easier. They control the weather when there angry thunderstorms happen on some places in the country. And rains when there sad for some reason the British is normally sad because its. Always hungry. And when its happy snow or sunny.

The wheather unicorn has thick black wings, space black fur and rainbow hair. The weather unicorn    which has a rainbow mane  and tail is normally spotted in gardens and high up.

The weather unicorn mostly feeds on insects and birds. And drinks from the clouds water particles.

Especially like big spiders and lizards with favourite meal is alligators in the big cities in big countries put  for alligators in the town Square feeding section.

There’s not much known about the weather unicorn or how it was born. There is no dead Bodies of this creature but however the Greeks did big pictures of them. Scientists believe God sent them down in the ancient Greeks time to control the weather and stop the hot weather.

First person to find this creature was Alexander Hamilton recently become to football matches and watch from the top I don’t know if they think the players are food or something.

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