The Xbox unicorn

The Xbox unicorn is a rare type of Unicorn only found in virtual reality by those who have unlocked the secret skin. To do this you must conquer three different games with all achievements completed.

Most Xbox unicorns are blue, white or green and can be identified by the x logo on their chest. Interestingly, their horns are made from woven wires.

It is thought that the Xbox unicorn hide out in video games coming out when the player reaches their high score. They like to sleep in virtual forests and cover themselves in big green leaves.

Weirdly, the Xbox unicorn likes to eat electricity to give it energy. When its health bar is getting low it is important to find  some electric items to eat.

Contrary to popular belief the Xbox unicorn is surprisingly nice. Both male and females live happy, cheerful lives and protect each other from hostile mobs.

Have you seen an Xbox unicorn ? If not, keep trying, you might conquer your dreams.

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