You’ve probably been on a skyship. WHAT? YOU HAVENT? Well I’ll tell you what’s it like on my sky ship TopthornThe breeze tugging at your hair like a hair dryer warming your face. The soft ‘wirrrrr wirrrrrr’ of the engine beating in the hold below. It is heavenly! The white cloth of the sail blooming with air pulling it along. 

Remember how it feels to stand at the bow and be lookout for sky dragons waiting to attack. The Captain congratulates you for steering the ship to safety in danger. The ships cats entwining themselves in your legs, waiting to be fed their sardines and milk. 

I bet you’ve enjoyed packing your case with the endless bits and pieces stuffing into the side pockets, sitting on the lid puffing with the effort of shutting it, waiting for the honk of the sky ship clearing the way for it to land with all the birds shooting off in different directions squawking like mad.  

 But you should also try trips in the middle of the deepest winter days. In the centre of a thundering storm. When the lighting zips past the ship and the people in there just feel the wind of it. When the storm clouds engulfs the airship almost wanting to eat it, when the sails rip and the mast snaps and crashes to the ground, that’s when an airship ride is not so much fun… 

The mighty skyship lurched side-to-side while Amelia skidded from port to starboard with a huge smile on her faceSam, on the other hand, rocked and rocked with air sickness wishing it would stop. Sam glanced at Amelia she smiled back unexpectedly They had been blown far off course. They were supposed to go to Cornwall but now were heading for Demon Rock! Legend had it that there were sky dragons there guarding the Demons Treasure! Amelia had always wanted to go there but Sam was the opposite to her.  “It’s a bad place,” he had always said. 

 Just at that moment, something hit the side of ship. KABOOOM! It exploded! Was that? Gunpowder?  “GUNPOWDER DRAGONS!! Hide for your lives!!” screamed Sam. 

“Don’t Panic Sam they’re harmless! I think?”  mumbled Amelia. But she was wrong. In an instant they could see the great lumbering oafs of dragons, possibly the biggest type!  Gunpowder whizzed and whined towards them, missing them by an inch. What was worse was that the dragons seemed to have the storm on their side! Suddenly, they were enveloped in a gigantic storm cloud; lightning flared and struck the ship! 

 Struggling to regain control, Captain Alice shouted over the wheel. ‘Brace your self!’ as the ship let out an almighty CLANCK, weights dropping from the bottom ready to pull it in for landing. There was a thump! as the ship landed, but Sam had a feeling that they were being watched…





3 Responses to “Topthorn”

  1. Well done Alice, you made the idea of travelling on your skyship so attractive in your prelude. I’m not so sure I want to be on it now though, if they HAVE landed on Demon Rock…!

  2. Well done. Love your ideas amazing

  3. I love your story opening Alice it makes me want to read on from the First sentence!

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