The Night unicorn; which only comes around at night, which lives on the bright silver moon. It is a dark colour and has beautiful stars covering it’s whole, smooth body. It’s face is the shape of a moon and it’s job is to give people happy dreams.

The Sun unicorn; which is a shiny gold colour, lives on the sun. From far away this unicorn can amazingly look like another sun because it is so bright. It is also useful to cook food and to cause fires because it’s heat.

The Wizard unicorn; which lives at Hogwarts, can cast any spell that anyone could ever think off. To cast a spell all it needs to do is; think of what it wants, say it in it’s head and then look at whatever direction it wants the spell to go. It’s mane and tail are made from spells being shot out of a wand and then being frozen. The horn on the unicorn acts as it’s wand.

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