A Guide To Look After A Mermaid


Have you ever wanted to keep a lovely mermaid creature? Well if so,keep on reading. Go to a place called The Everywhere Emporium, where lots of people go if they are lonely, to get a pet. Find your match and you would never be alone again.

However, keeping a mermaid is hard work so only the dedicated,working people should do this. If you think this is for your then you will need to follow the instructions; if you do not your mermaid could  die from not being in water or of hunger if you do not feed it.

What you need to set up:

You need a deep swimming pool. Make sure the swimming pool is  about 20 metres wide and really deep as  you will have to put in thousands of litres of cold water. To make them feel like they are home, buy some  coral (fake is okay) to put in their habitat  as well. That means if you get a colossal pool you need a really massive garden near the salty sea. 

What you need to do:

  • Train your mermaids to do tricks in the pool like flips and other things by using treats like sea shells
  • Give them food three times a day just like  humans otherwise they will get very ravenous .

                    First, collect tiny fish like shrimp and you don’t need to buy water.

Next, fill the swimming pool with cold water and put the coral in.

Then, go to the Everywhere Emporium to get your mermaid or mermaids.

Finally, be very strong whilst you lift the mermaid / mermaids into the pool. 

 One Final Warning:

Oh wait I forgot to tell you, mermaids get very jealous. So just get one mermaid, otherwise if you get two one of them will escape. You won’t see them ever again. No one would want that to happen to them. Hope you enjoy the time with your mermaid friend from the head of unicorn logistics.

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