A Helpful Guide to a Baby Troll

Have you ever wanted a companion to play with? Then look no further, buy this cute(not)troll as your new exotic companion.


Warning, if you buy this pet, you will not be able to sleep for the 2 generations.This troll will come in a purple egg that sits on an egg box.The colour of the egg box will have the logo Lauren’s Emporium Of Trolls.


However, these were cutie pies but not anymore because of Percy,the owner of the troll, when he left his troll,Julie, on the top of a couch.She ripped his luxurious sofa that he just bought that morning plus it WAS NOT on sale.In general, these creatures are mostly know as “ aggressive” in behaviour.They are awake 24/7. 


What do they eat:

.Wet weeds

.Dry salad 

.Slimy hay


The last thing I want to say about this report is that these babies will always be calm at bedtime if you give them a milk bottle and a fluffy pillow.Enjoy.

2 Responses to “A Helpful Guide to a Baby Troll”

  1. Great vocabulary and looks very helpful if I had a needed help with a baby troll. Why did you choose a baby troll? Also, I think you can improve by adding a warning

  2. Grace (s) Hallsville
    I really like your writing.

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