A Ride on an Airship

You’ve probably been in skyship. WHAT you haven’t? Oh have you been on  Stargrazer? you haven’t?  I must tell you it’s like you are on a big skyscraper but much much better. 

 Remember how it feels to have the wind swooshing softly in your face and the sound is like a violin.  

 But you should also try when it is so fast that you can’t even breathe!  It is like a wink of an eye or the lightning. It is so fast that I can’t describe it!

 Usually, Freya enjoys traveling by air but today it was not so good. As soon as she left the house a big storm appeared from out of nowhere. This wasn’t the only problem. She had forgotten to bring the pixie dust which was needed to fuel the ship and it was already running low.  

 Oh, it’s ok, we can just stop at the Magic Hotel,” reassured the Captain, rummaging through the top room with bats and frogs. I don’t know how they got there!

All of a sudden, out of the blue, a funny looking goblin hopped out of the swirling storming sky. He was dressed like Dobby but not scared. He had very fierce teeth, long eyes but what was that? It popped into two! Now there were two Dobby’s.  “Yes!” the captain yelled. “Hold on we are out of PIXIE DUST hold on!”

 “I’m scared!” yelled Freya.

“Quick get those bats everyone knows he is afraid of bats,” said the captain. “Quick shoot over there! No over there! Now over here!” It was so confusing but at last they got one. The other Dobby had escaped!

But what was worse, the Captain suddenly shouted, “Brace yourself! It is the pumpkin DRAGON! Hide! I heard he is the biggest dragon of all time!!!!!!

Just at that moment,  Freya hid in a big crack. As soon as he was out of sight, they landed the airship, just in time…






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