Chorusing screech

As they walked to bed the eagle eye started to sway vigorously from side to side. The twins looked at each other Sheeta in confusion and Pazu in uncontrollable fear. Slowly Pazu turned his head to catch a glimpse of what might have caused the sudden rocking of the ship. He was met with a terrible sight. 

Pazu stared out the window. His stare was returned by a set of murky green eyes. They glared back at him. Its body was a greyish green, as it flew a layer of slime dripped off its body into the water. Its teeth were stained red from the many victims it had devoured over the hundreds of years it had lived. 

“SKY GOBLINS!!!” Sheeta screamed and ran to sound the emergence alarm. Pazu was frozen to the spot. Families awoke and started shepherding their children. Parents rushed towards the nearest speaker to hear the Captains instructions 

Everything was a blur of colour and muffled shouts and screams. All that Pazu was focused on was trying to stop himself from crying out in fear. Commanding himself “ It’s all going to be fine, I’m going to be fine, be brave. 

“PAZU PAZU!!!”                                               “W-what?”                                                     “Did you even listen to the Captain we need to go to our rooms and draw the curtains while she tries to land the ship. 

“Of course, I listened to her.”he mumbled 

“Then let’s go!” she said while ushering him along the corridor. 

They ducked, turned and manoeuvred around the crowd. When they got to their rooms 10 minutes later Pazu and Sheeta sat at the window their eyes glued to occasional drips of slime.  

50 minutes later they were drifting in and out of sleep nothing was happening. 

Then there was a great tearing noise and the whole ship started to plummet. “Everyone stay calm I will try to land the ship in a nearby field” the captain blurted out over the loudspeaker. Then everything went black for the twins as a deafening screech chorused through the speakers. 

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