Episode 2 – The Landing

Suddenly, the Sky ship rapidly descended towards a small remote island. Captain Simon shouted to Tom and Bert asking them if they had touched the control panel. The miniature palm trees got bigger and bigger as Tom, Bert and Captain Simon braced themselves for heavy impact.THUUUUD!

The trio slowly opened their eyes to find… they had crash landed and were precariously balancing across the coconut palm tree tops. Below them was a terrifying 20 feet drop to a bed of fine white sand. Tom fearfully asked Captain Simon, ‘How will we get down?’                                                             ‘Fear not’ replied Captain Simon, ‘I have a rope ladder we can use.’  Tom and Bert helped Captain Simon attach the rope ladder to the outer rim of the Sky ship and bemused they watched it unravel to the ground. Just as Tom was swinging his leg over to climb down, a loud horn sound rang out; in  shock, Tom leapt back in. What on earth was that?


3 Responses to “Episode 2 – The Landing”

  1. I enjoyed your rhetorical question at the end of your chapter, it made me want to read more! To make it even better you could include more detail on where they landed, like what they can smell and feel.

  2. hi its Marcus I’ve really enjoyed your writing you’ve put allot of great detail in the writing I love it.

  3. I like that you used an exclamation mark and I like you used pentation .

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