How To Care For A Pet Cerberus

Have you ever wanted to keep an ultra rare pet? Have no worries as you can buy an exotic baby Cerberus at Exotic Pets Ltd. The reason you should buy a baby Cerberus is because they are easier to tame than an adult which is very ferocious. 


 What You Need To Do

  • Loads of sand as their original habitat is a desert.
  • A very brave owner


 How To Look After A Cerberus

  • Get a special Cerberus bell to bring it back if it is lost and you can hear its every step.
  • Lots of meat as they like to eat flesh.
  • A big leather nest
  • Another vicious animal(e.g. Lion or tiger) so that the cerberus can have someone to play with.
  • Whenever it is eating do not come as close as three meters or they can mistake you for a titbit.


A final note of warning:

Never ever just buy a Cerberus for a special occasion because if you start neglecting it, it will become feral and could rip you to a million pieces.

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