How to look after a dragon

Do you want to look after a pet dragon? If so then read these rules.

All dragons need to have a really strong collar made from the worlds strongest dwarf metal enchanted with unbreaking because you don’t want them flying off. They also can breathe fire without trying so unless your dragon is well tamed and it trusts you always stand well back.

These creatures love food just as much as we do and their favorite food is gigantic fruit salad. Surprisingly they don’t eat meat! They always drink water after food so leave a little pool outside for it to drink from. As a snack these creatures can eat giant blueberries or giant toffies but never feed them fish!

These creatures start off small but 30% of them can grow to almost full size in two weeks and their flames are 10x bigger. I am warning you will you dare to tame a dragon if so go to to get your first dragon and you even get fire proof armor for free!

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