How To Look After A Fire Dragon By Mikolaj

Are you bored of going outside doing nothing? If so, go to our dragon hatchery to claim your very own dragon!

What You Need: A dragon whistle, plenty of meat, a dragons house, water gun and a face mask.

What You Do: First, you build your dragons home ( which has to be fire proof) and decorate it with red or black colours so your fire dragon will feel like home. And inside its den it has to be at least 124 degrees.

Then you have to roam it free so it could stretch out its wings when it flies. But do not worry you have a dragon whistle one simple whistle and your fire dragon will instantly come back to you.

You necessity need a water gun just in case if your fire dragon will be out of hand. You just need to pull the string which is covering the hole and aim then shoot at the dragon and it will fast as wind calm down and that is when you need a gas mask. Because when you shot at the dragon a lot of smoke will come out of the fire dragon and there is no way that you will breath through the smoke.

The dragons mealtime can sometimes be very very dangerous so listen carefully and you wont be the fire dragons next meal: First, collect 5 chickens 10 cows and if you are lucky enough you could get 2 birds. Next, you put all of the animals on a large flat rock. Then kill all of the animals and put them in the stone oven. Keep them there for at least 30 mins. After that, put the animals in front of  your fire dragons den. Finally, run as far as you can as a result your dragon will think you are the food too!

2 Responses to “How To Look After A Fire Dragon By Mikolaj”

  1. I like the beginning because when you said “Are you bored” I was bored so I read and I like it
    Have a nice day

  2. I like how you included what they eat.
    What time should you feed the fire dragon Mikolaj?

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