How to look after a king dragon

It’s your first day with your baby king dragon and it is so cute but you don’t know how to look after it so i’ll tell you.

What do king dragons eat?

King dragons like to eat:


-Lamb sprinkled with basil and bread crumbs

-Beef with mint

-Earl Grey tea

-Roast chicken dinner
-Roast swan
To feed a king dragon you must:
1.Put the dragon in its enclosure.
2.Make the food.
3.Put the food in the food slot.
4.Flick the feed me switch.
5.Stand well back
Basic equipment for looking after king dragons.
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You will need:
A king size bed x 20 in size
An enclosure
5 super strong dwarves
A lead made of solid steel chain and coated with lava that has dried up
Giant dog toys
And a jester dragon to keep him company.
How to take a king dragon for a walk.
.Get in your car and let your dragon fly alongside it.
.Drive to a wide open field.
.Let your dragon fly off.Don’t worry about he/she (a queen dragon) never coming back all dragons can sense magnetic currents and always know where their owner is.

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