How to Look After a Lochness Monster

How to Look After a Lochness Monster

Have you ever wanted to enjoy fun with a mythical beast? If so, go to the lake cabin and get yourself a Lochness Monster. You won’t regret it.

What you need: a collar, a big inside lake, plenty of food and drinks, built in warp hole and a bell.

What you do.

  • At first, your pet Lochness Monster will get extremely bored and start a tantrum. However, you can use the bell and it will calm down. This means that it knows it’s in a safe place.
  • Next is the collar, the Lochness Monster doesn’t really mind unless it is a soft collar. So we recommend a chain or a metal strip. When it’s having fun it may fiddle too hard and break it. Therefore, you must keep a spare and replace it every month.


       Food and drinks.

  • Firstly, go inside the lake and search for seaweed and salt water.
  • Next, give the Lochness Monster the food and drinks.
  • Finally, calm with  the bell after it finishes.   

The reason that you must feed it quickly is that it can get angry and cause bad things if it is not fed.

Warning, if your Lochness Monster is injured, help it with glass crystals to heal because inside them is a strong power of healing.

This Lochness Monster is free and it can live forever but one final word, don’t let it near other mythical beasts because it can end badly.

2 Responses to “How to Look After a Lochness Monster”

  1. I like the idea of using the Loch Ness monster.

  2. Well done. I like your writing. Do u like the lochness monster?

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